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Blue: Into your Soul is the latest Imperceptible Art production, performed by Sarod by Avi. Like the color, this album communicates truth and confidence and represents the depths of the sea, as well as the limitless sky. The album is an unique meditative sound, brought forth by the Sarod in a combination of styles. All tracks played on 432 Hz provide a calming, balancing effect.



It is one of the most important instruments in Indian classical music. The Sarod is known for its deep, weighty, introspective sounds. Its origin goes back almost 15 centuries, to the Persian Rabab and came to its current form about 250 years ago. ‘Sarod’ means ‘beautiful melody‘ in Persian.

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Avi Kishna, performing as ‘Sarod by Avi’, is an Indian classical musician, producer and co-founder of Imperceptible Art.

The music he makes is very intuitive and always executed with splendid technique. His talent has not gone unnoticed. Avi has participated in numerous projects and performed on stages at venues such as ‘Lowlands’, ‘Paradiso’ and ‘Stedelijk Museum’.

Avi received his training from the late Sri Koustuv Ray; leaving him with the mission to keep his Guru’s name alive and share his music with the world.

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The first track is a soundscape for the mindful spirit. Composed in a morning raga (Ahir Bhairav), the Sarod is depicting the various stages of meditation, gradually increasing from light to deep and intense.



Arising in tranquility, a steady and calm pursuit of happiness is set in motion. The vibe of this track is of the derwish going from a state of peace to inner and outer struggles, and making their way back again.



Take life as it is, count your blessings and breathe as you enter into the obscure realms. In the final track, the Sarod opens in ambient air and is quickly accompanied by an array of sounds. The underlying beat takes the whole into a gratifying lounge vibe.


This album is enhanced by the producing hands of Steve Rachmad (DJ & Producer) and Tommy Vamoz (Beatmaker & Producer).

Steve Rachmad is firmly set in the best of techno and house – always inspired by vintage disco, dub and electro. As STERAC, his 2nd DJ persona, he plays techno with dark, edgy atmospheres. With over 100(!) releases, one of his major achievements is the release of his album ‘Secret Life of Machines’ in 1995, re-released recently with remixes by Ricardo Villalobos, Joris Voorn and Marc Romboy.

Tommy Vamoz, a Dutch beat creator, has been making beats/producing for nearly 2 decades now. In this time he got to work with various (hiphop) artists globally. One of the latest tracks to get international airplay is ‘Eyes Wide’ by Sixman. Tommy produces oldskool hiphop, boombap, (neo)soul and R&B amongst others – presented in various styles. In 2013 he teamed up with Imperceptible Art and has been a key component in majority of their productions.

BLUE is Made Possible By

PR & Webdevelopment Your Pillars Foundation

Design Create by eXample

Writer Marvin Dwight

Cover Art Reita Kishna

Styling Sarod by Avi Nilo Rahmani

Photography Peter Munkacsi

Executive Producer Imperceptible Art

Recording & Production Imperceptible Art Production House

Mixing & Mastering Hans Timmermans

Sponsoring & Support Sena Muziekproductie Fonds Your Pillars Foundation

Bookings, Interviews & Info: +31 20 785 1556 imperceptibleart@gmail.com


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